Bj was bitten by the music bug at a very early age. As a young boy he would listen to the radio for hours at a time, imagining that one day his music would be the sound coming out of those speakers. As fate might have it, his creativity and talent would guide him down a path to help create and influence an entire genre of music. So, who is POSATRONIX?

Bj was born and raised on the east side of Detroit. The shear struggle and rawness of Detroit city had certainly influenced his perspective on life. But even having gone through learning the hard lessons of life, he never gave up, and music became his mental escape, his absolute outlet for imagination and creativity. While attending high school Bj. met Tommy Hamilton. They discovered that they had a lot in common. Both were in the dance scene and soon after became partners in the legendary Devo Dancers and Cosmic Dancers, going on to dominate the Detroit dance scene. They would create there dance routines to the music of groups like, Kraftwerk, Model 500 and Soul Sonic Force (Africa-Bam Bata). That’s when it really started to hit him and he knew right then that this music was something he had to do. He later teamed up with Tommy Hamilton, Keith Tucker and Tony Horton to form an R&b Band called “Regime”. Long after that, he joined the Military and served four tough years as an Airborne Ranger. Upon his return in 1989 he teamed up with Keith Tucker and Jesse (Beck) Anderson to form the group “Frequency”. They toured the local scene, unleashing a fury of raw unreleased original Detroit Techno. After years of playing, he became well known and respected for being a very talented drum programmer and awesome keyboard player. He could play just about any instrument he put in his hands, and his talent began to shine. But it was his keen ear, his ability to meticulously dissect notes and frequencies that would set him apart from the rest.

Bj’s fascination with sound and frequencies had totally consumed him. He submerged himself into the art and studies of sound theory and engineering. He was what the people in the music industry called a “Studio Rat”. In other words, he practically lived in the studio. Eventually becoming one of the most well known sought out producer/ engineers in Detroit. During this time, his good friends Tommy and Keith would sign with Direct Beat Records and go on to create the Legendary group “AUX 88“. After receiving a call from Tommy, Bj joined the AUX team as a partner. His engineering skills was the perfect fit and would soon be put to the test. While in the studio, he worked on track, after track, after track and “POSATRONIX” was born. Tucker and Hamilton offered him an opportunity to work on the “Alien FM” album, and then he created the Detroit Electro Classic “My AUX MIND“. Soon after Keith left to pursue his solo career and Bj. filled his position. Upon joining AUX 88, Tommy and Bj would go on to record the “Man or Machine” and aggressively toured Europe and the States. Together Bj and Tommy pushed the Direct Beat catalog to new heights and recorded remixes for several artist including “ Control” for Undergroud Resistance and “ Cripy Bacon” for Laurent Garnier. Later, Mike Banks gave Bj the task of Mixing and engineering “Millennium to Millennium” by Timeline which went on to be another Detroit classic by UR.

Now it was time for him to focus and channel his energy into POSATRONIX, and Direct Beat was certainly behind him. Bj reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a record call “Shake it“. Little did he know, this would go on to be a Detroit Classic as well. He would later record some of the ” POSATRONIX” catalog on Direct Beat with such records as: DANZ, NIGHT VISION, 142 mph and a host of other POSATRONIX material. He would then later release “CONDOR” (The Auxmen) and “The Hubble: Posatronix Mix” on “Puzzlebox Records”. Bj also gave a sample of what’s to come on the release of “POSATRONIX 2010“. Credited as one of the pioneers of the Detroit Electro Techno Bass movement, William (Bj) Smith continues to amaze us with a unique sound of his own.

So, what is POSATRONIX?, who is POSATRONIX? . The answer is in his music. The mission of POSATRONIX is to transmit Detroit Techno Music in its purist form. To create an epic, a body of music that attaches itself to the soul. To create something that will last forever. Not because it sounds good, but because it feels good. There is no doubt that this soldier has paid his dues. When asked, he said “Earning your stripes is good, but keeping them is what counts, and when people acknowledge your work, that’s when you know you’ve made a difference”. POSATRONIX is now releasing his musical vision on the well anticipated label “Cratesavers” together formed with “Trackmasta Lou” .POSATRONIX is sure to stamp his signature sound on generations to come.