Keith Tucker has been djing since 1980. While keeping his ear to the hip hop movement and the last stint of disco and funk music. Tucker decide to learn the art of mixing and the hip hop structure of mixing and doing tricks with two of the sme records made famous by many new york hip hop dj’s. As Tucker learned his art he experimented with local hip hop groups and set in on some rehearsals and soon talent shows as a dj for rappers.

 While growing up in Detroit Tucker spent countless hours listen to a local radio stations playing early euro and dance music. While amasing great deal of records and dj equimpment Tucker decide to start dj as a mobile dj to keep up with all the latest styles of electronic dance music. While playing early techno in local partys led Tucker to meet Tommy Hamilton and Anthony Horton who were in a local r& b band called regime. The three like minded individuals decide to do something very different as a band and created RX-7. After a brief stint with Juan Atkins labe metroplex Tucker went on to sign with Direct Beat records. As k-1 his dj persona Tucker has traveled the globe as Dj K-1 spinning dance music to the masses. Creating his highly respected techno label Puzzlebox in 1995 with Anthony Shakir . Tucker still dj’s and performs live with Aux 88.

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