Some find themselves in forms materials that please them, becoming stagnant; others weave themselves in between, to collect and go further…exploring”: July, 2000 Introduced to a land outside of mainstream radio, Tony Horton penned lyrics to 430 WEST Record’s,  ” SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT”, for which he was an original member to the short lived house singles, “Good Stuff”, “R.U. Sure”, appearing on the compilation, “SOUL FROM THE CITY” (SUBMERGE Records).

 Further discovery into mid-80’s, Techno Revolution landed him within the exploratory duo known as “OPTIC NERVE”, along side Keith “K-1” Tucker, 430 WEST sister label, DIRECT BEAT, and a signature appearance on the TRANS ATLANTIC compilation for POW WOW Records under the alias that became AUX-88. The single rang the bell around the globe as the Electro/Bass revolution began to take form, echoing the message to masses… “The further I go, the closer I am to myself.”  Robotic, drawn out vocals became Horton’s forte’ throughout the early AUX-88 singles until the birth of the double EP entitled, “ALIEN FM”.  Another exploration into techno with the reality of Electro/Bass again on 430 WEST.

The original members of AUX-88 assumed other interest; the result became the collaboration with Tucker & Horton for PuzzleBox Records, and “K-1″ project.  Again his faceless image shone throughout the singles “K-1 AGENDA” & the inner-galactic call to war entitled, “FACE YOUR FATE”. The synthetic voiced battle lyrics and concept writing gained a partnership with Underground Resistance agent, TRACKMASTER Lou Robinson, and joined the minimal hard edge enforcement known as “SCAN-7″, writing the group’s second LP, “RESURFACE” (TRESOR RECORDS/ GERMANY). Making his presence felt as a member of the HIDDEN TERRITORY STUDIO COLLECTIVE.

While touring with SCAN-7, the group made a devastating appearance on the underground stage during the 1ST Detroit Electronic Music Festival (May 2000), Horton gave birth to his own nickname: “BLAK-TONY”, live via satellite; delivered over the Internet globally, the rage-charged vocal manifesto he is known for ’till this day entitled, “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT” (ELYPSIA Records/ Belgium). The acappella of his voice is celebrated on turntables worldwide, finding home within mix CD’s, Clubs and his own heart as a major message in the freedom and union of club culture’s underground nation.

After SCAN-7, Horton was approached by long time friend, Keith Tucker for a commentary spot monthly in the OPTIC UNIVERSE, which has given Blak-Tony a soundboard for his sometimes though provoking messages to the masses. This reunion has led to a re-formation of “RX-7″ (the pre-name of AUX-88, now tagged, THE AUX MEN). At the present time, he is preparing for a glance from behind the scenes from the projects he has written and/ or co-produced for; masked and unmasked…. again giving his contribution to the anti-programmed media soundscape revolution and the continuation of DETROIT’S black noise.

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