AUXMEN were comprised of 4 individuals that had brought forth a new era in TECHNO in the lat 80’s.  Keith Tucker know as DJ K1, one of the founders of the now defunked group AUX 88 felt a need to regroup in the new Millennium as the AUX MEN.  Tommy Hamilton, William Smith and Anthony Horton all agreed that this mission is worth the challenge.

Transmitting Alien signals in the 21st Century as Aux 88 and now regrouping in the new Millineumm as the AUX MEN.  The Originators of Electro Techno Bass have begun a mission to unleash their signals of sound to the world visually beginning May 27, 2002 at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.  The first release of the AUX MEN – Project 1 will be released May 24, 2002 on Puzzlebox Records.   Preceding the Aux Men release there will be secret Alien live PA maneuvers at various locations in Detroit via S.O.S   These live PA maneuvers were assisted by known Cosmic Soldier Niko Marks.